Nutrition FAQ | What should I eat on competition day?

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NSWIS athletes get a wide range of assistance and support about diet and nutrition to use food as their performance advantage and reach their goals.

Over time there has been some trends in questions which are common from athletes about their diet and what can help support training.

The specific needs of each individual athlete are always different depending on their goal and training loads but below are some explanations for some of the more common questions and scenarios athletes talk to the NSWIS Dietitian about.


What should I eat on the day of competition?

  • If you are only starting to think about what to eat just on competition day, its too late.
  • Your competition diet should be similar to the foods you are eating during the season of training.
  • During training you are practicing how you eat and learning what food best support your performance so when it gets to competition day you can just do what you usually do with a few tweaks to suit the nature of the competition ahead of you.
  • Further to this it’s important to think about what you will eat during any taper period and during the week leading into competition, as this all plays a role in the lead up to competition.

For more info on how to apply your training diet to suit competition read this article on The Run in to Competition.

Got a question?

If you have a sports nutrition question you’d like answered by the Team NSWIS Dietitian, leave a comment below this article and we’ll do our best to provide an answer.

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