What We Do

The NSW Institute of Sport’s greatest performance advantage is our people and our highly skilled experts provide a range of services within innovative training environments to NSWIS athletes.

NSWIS adopts a world’s best mindset approach to performance planning and service delivery. Our collaborative planning supports coaches, service providers and sports administrators to meet the needs of athletes. Our highly skilled experts provide a range of services within innovative training environments across all our sports programs. These services include:

Athlete Wellbeing & Engagement

Our Athlete Wellbeing & Engagement team assists NSWIS athletes to make informed decisions that impact their performance in both sport and life. By providing guidance, support, resources and education we aim to develop athletes who display the high performance behaviours required to successfully progress through the elite pathway. Education Partners:  nswis-acpenswis-fia-fitnationnswis-sydney-uni


Our biomechanics experts measure and assess movements and forces in sport, providing feedback on the modifications needed to improve the technical component of performance.


NSWIS coaches work towards success by developing their knowledge, experience, leadership skills and technical capability. NSWIS undertakes a partnered approach to the selection, development, performance management and succession of coaches, working in collaboration with sport program partners.

Corporate Communications

Our corporate communications team are experts in the business of sport and have a wide range of experience and industry knowledge across areas such as finance, information technology, human resources and marketing & communications.


The NSWIS Medical Program is responsible for minimising the potential for, and effects of injury and illness on NSWIS athletes, and to assist athletes and coaches facilitate safe, legal and effective training, and preparation for  competition. NSWIS is linked to an array of private sports medicine doctors, physiotherapists, massage therapists and dieticians that form an elite NSWIS Service Provider Network. Each service provider has been accredited under strict criteria of excellence in sports medicine knowledge, training and experience. NSWIS Medical Service Providers: 


NSWIS educates, guides and supports NSWIS athletes to develop nutrition strategies which complement high performance sport.

Performance Analysis

The NSW Institute of Sport provides performance analysis services in order to monitor and develop the skills and performance of athletes. Our experts provide coaches and athletes with objective competition and training data, which can be used to examine and evaluate individual and team sport performance. Live video and statistical analysis provided to coaches and athletes during competition has the ability to impact the outcome.

Performance Psychology

NSWIS Performance Psychology assists athletes to develop the mental skills required to manage high intensity situations and deliver personal best performance on demand.


NSWIS Physiologists quantify the physiological characteristics and monitor the training response of athletes. This information is used to help guide coaches in training prescription, identify areas for potential improvement and implement training interventions that will optimise performance. These adaptations include aerobic and anaerobic capacity, speed, power, agility, flexibility and body composition. Additionally, NSWIS physiologists implement additive components to an athlete’s preparation, including the use of hypoxic training (artificial and real altitude) and specific programs to adapt to environmental conditions such as heat and humidity.

Research Program

Research plays a significant role in elite sport and having our very own Research Program allows the NSW Institute of Sport to stay ahead of competitors. The ability to undertake research is invaluable to sport performance and also provides commercial opportunities via our status as a registered research agency.

 The NSWIS Research Program aims to undertake integrated research studies designed to provide information that; benefits athletes, maximises research effectiveness by partnering with university research programs and corporate partners, and develops research streams and areas of expertise by securing research grants and developing knowledge that may be commercially viable.

Sport Management

Our High Performance Sport and Excellence team are experts in the management, co-ordination and administration of high performance sport programs and development program where we work with sport program partners and performance teams to ensure sport targets are achieved.

Strength & Conditioning

Strength & conditioning experts at NSWIS focus on supporting and facilitating the training, preparation and competition of NSWIS athletes in a way that optimises performance and minimises the risk of injury.