9 options for a pre-training carbohydrate boost

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When you are training hard the preferred energy source for short burst, high intensity activity and fast energy is carbohydrates.

If you are low in energy going into training either at an early session first thing in the morning, at the end of an active day or if you are facing a back to back training session then you might need a bit of boost in carbohydrates to make the right energy accessible and easy to access so your body can perform and you can push yourself to make the session worthwhile.

The carbohydrate you have quite close to training should also be lower in fat and lower in fibre.

Its matching the type of carbohydrate to the activity you are doing and therefore will be a bit different from the type of carbohydrates you have at main meals or outside of training times where you want to have high fibre and wholegrain carbohydrates.

Below are nine suggestions for some easy to digest carb boost for training performance.


Nine options for a Pre-Training Carbohydrate Boost

1. Two slices of raisin bread or regular bread with jam ,honey or thin spread of butter

2. Isotonic sports drinks such as Powerade (400ml is a volume that will provide 30g of carbohydrates) 

3. Small bowl of Nutrigrain or Cornflakes

4. Two or three fresh dates or homemade energy balls

5. One to two crumpets or English muffins with honey, jam or vegemite and only a thin spread of butter or nut butter for pre training

6. A piece of fruit such as a banana or a diced fruit tub

7. Banana ‘hotdog’ = 1 banana in a slice bread or roll

8. Pikelets or pancakes with jam. Again, limit cream/butter

9. Two Cruskits, rice cakes or corn thins plain or with spreads

If you head off to school, university or work around training times it’s important to plan ahead and make sure you have the right foods packed. That way the fuel needed to prepare and recover from training will be available when you need it.

If training hard you may need these 19 bigger snack ideas, or if your training load is reduced, the 12 light snacks suggested here could be the way to go.

At times it’s better to eat something than nothing at all; if you are out and need to fill a hole these nine snack ideas are good options for when you haven’t prepared alternatives.


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