9 snacks athletes can buy on the go

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At times it’s better to eat something than nothing at all. If you are out and need to fill a hole the nine snack ideas below are good options for when you haven’t prepared alternatives.

If you head off to school, university or work around training times it’s important to plan ahead and make sure you have the right foods packed, that way the fuel needed to prepare and recover from training will be available when you need it. If training hard you may need these 19 bigger snack ideas, or if your training load is reduced, the 12 light snacks suggested here could be the way to go.

If you are out and about good things to grab might be these…


9 snack suggestions for athletes on the go

1. A bread roll, raisin toast, scone or non iced apple scroll from a bakery – Pre training option

2. 300ml of 100% fruit juice – Pre Training option

3. Medium size low fat smoothie

4. Tub of yoghurt from supermarket

5. Sushi – limit choices with mayo

6. Low fat flavoured milk or large coffee/hot choc

7. Ham or chicken salad wrap or sandwich

8. Ice cream – Paddle pop / small frozen yoghurt

9. Regular skim coffee or hot chocolate + raisin toast


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Honestly. How can you suggest that people should go buy a paddle pop for a snack on the go. And elude to this being a healthy alternative. Low fat milk or smoothie. Are you kidding? We aren’t in the 70s anymore. Everyone has been eating low fat but we still have an obesity crisis. Nutritionists and dietitians like yourselves are who these people look to for information. You have a responsibility to act in a professional and honest manner. Right now with this article there is nothing Honest and professional about it. This needs to change or we will stay the same as a country. Full of obesity and sickness. How about posting an article about snacks like nuts and fruit. Tuna and salad. Not an Apple scroll with a skim milk hot chocalate.

    Hi Nathan, thanks for your reply and it’s great you have an interest in health and nutrition. You’re correct, these options wouldn’t be ideal for someone with an intolerance or who is not very active. However, for busy athletes who can train 4 to 5 hours a day they can actually struggle to meet their energy demands so some higher energy options on top of their healthy diet are indeed suitable for athletes. Everyone is at a different phase of their nutrition journey and will need varying levels of advice. What is suitable for one person may not work for the next, and we provide these nutrition resources targeted at athletes as a guide, understanding everyone is unique. Hope that helps!

Love these articles guys!

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