Flowchart | Your timeline for eating during competition

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Planning ahead to anticipate when and what to eat at competition helps keep energy levels more consistent over the day.

You may need to take 5-6 small snacks to regularly top up energy levels without filling up as much, or to have just in case the day changes unexpectedly.

Below is an example of how to structure your day for optimal preparation and recovery from races.

For consistent energy levels, after you have finished competing for the day continue to eat regular structured meals every 2-3 hours which include protein, carbohydrates, good fats and some nutrients or vegetables where possible at least once a day if access is limited at competition.

As the day continues avoid picking at low nutrient, sugary or fatty food as this can actually drain energy levels leaving you tired and lethargic. Sip on water consistently over the day.

Accumulating fuel stores to be used in competition does not happen in just one meal. Read more about eating in the days prior to your competition.

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