Hot weather advice for athletes and coaches

Posted on January 16, 2019 by in NSWIS News

As the weather over the next few days will include high temperatures it is recommended that athletes and coaches undertake training as early in the day as possible if training outdoors.

The following information can also assist in reducing the heat risk associated with exercise in hot conditions:

  • Drink 10 bodyweight of a sports drink, fruit juice or water each evening prior to bed to assist in pre-hydrating and improving the tolerance of the environmental conditions the next day
  • If you are competing or training later in the day it is recommended that your athletes hydrate ahead of time by ingesting 10 of a cold sports drink or fruit juice in the 120-90 min prior to competition or training
  • When exercising during the day you can lose fluid at 2 litres plus per hour. Ensure that your athletes are taking in a cool drink (water, sports drink or fruit juice) to maintain their weight and urine production. Measuring bodyweight across the system can assist in determining fluid needs. 1 kg lost means a litre of fluid needs replacing
  • It is recommended that athletes avoid caffeinated drinks
  • Ice slushees can also assist in reducing the heat stress of an individual and provide an additional option to help cool and take in fluids. drinking liquids
  • Keeping cool and using cooling techniques will assist to keep things safe. Air-conditioning, showers, pools, cooling jackets, damp towels around the head, neck and shoulders combined with some airflow (fan or breeze) will all assist in heat loss and maintaining body temperature
  • Light coloured clothing, clothing that “wicks” sweat from the skin or loose clothing that allows airflow over the skin will also assist in cooling is preferable in hot conditions
  • If an adverse incidence occurs seek medical advice ASAP

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